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On a variant page, read the rules by clicking on the title "<Variant> rules". Try playing against a human: click the leftmost "new game" button. ...Then, while waiting you can play against a (rather weak) bot or a friend.


All games start with a random assymetric position.
Games are untimed, and played anonymously.
No chat, to rather focus on the moves :)

Bug report

If you find a bug in a game, please follow this procedure:
1. stop playing: click on the resign button;
2. click on the PGN to download it;
3. send an email to contact@vchess.club with relevant comments and the PGN attached. Thank you!

First visit?

Please read this before playing ☺

Welcome to vchess.club!

A fun place to play chess variants in real time!

But wait... what is a chess variant?

As suggested by the picture, a variant setup generally looks more or less like a chessboard with regular pieces (otherwise it's no longer a variant but a whole new game!).


Each variant has its own new rules, which can involve

* different pieces movements
* different chessboard(s)
* new pieces
* moves side effects
...and so on

Example: imagine that a capture is an atomic explosion, wiping all adjacent squares – except the pawns, which as cockroaches can resist this kind of event.

Also state a goal: make the opponent's king explode.

→ Congrats, you defined Atomic chess! (Playable here)

OK, this all sounds interesting, but why would that be fun?

Because all games here start with a random setup: no more boring openings memorization, you have to rely on your chess skills only.

Moreover, I claim that the chosen variants here are fun to play :)

For informations about hundreds (if not thousands!) of variants, you can visit the excellent chessvariants website.

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Image credit: Wikipedia