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A fun place to play chess variants in real time.

But wait... what is a chess variant?

As suggested by the picture, a variant setup generally looks more or less like a chessboard with regular pieces (otherwise it's no longer a variant but a whole new game).


Each variant has its own new rules, which can involve

* different pieces movements
* different chessboard(s)
* new pieces
* moves side effects
...and so on

Example: imagine that a capture is an atomic explosion, wiping all adjacent squares – except the pawns, which as cockroaches can resist this kind of event.

Also state a goal: make the opponent's king explode.

→ Congrats, you defined Atomic chess! (Playable here)

OK, this all sounds interesting, but why would that be fun?

Because all games here start with a random setup: no more boring openings memorization, you have to rely on your chess skills only. No game is like another one.

For informations about hundreds (if not thousands) of variants, you can visit the excellent chessvariants website.

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  1. Click on a variant,
  2. Read the rules (in the upper left corner),
  3. Back to playing mode (click on "Play")
  4. Click on "New live game", and then, while waiting
  5. Click on "New computer game" (just next).


  • All games start with a random assymetric position.
  • Games are untimed, and played anonymously.
  • No chat while playing, to focus on the moves.

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